A few things:

  1. At least “Raging Bull” and “The Elephant Man” were nominated … a step above “Heat” already.
  2. Kubrick also has several directing, writing, and Best Picture credits to his name. “2001” won for Special Effects (rightfully so), so I wouldn’t say there was “no love” for him, he just never broke through with what most people would consider a meaningful win.
  3. “Mikey and Nicky” has been a respected cult film for a long time. Too bad there were zero good transfers available of it on home video until the most recent Criterion restoration.
  4. The Oscars are mostly bullshit to begin with, but still: If we want to consider the Academy’s stamp of approval the highest possible honor an artist in film can receive, then we need to talk about the misses in serious terms.

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